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Introducing: Dragon Skin™ and SMASH!™ Plastic

S1As many know, Smooth-On products have been used for years to create movie special effects. Movies that pre-date and include “Jaws” all the way through Harry Potter have used our urethane rubber & plastics, silicones, foams, etc. to create movie magic.

Two exciting additions to our special effects line are:

Dragon Skin™ and Dragon Skin™ Q.
The “Q” stands for “quick” and simply refers to the working time and cure time of the material. They are high performance silicone rubbers that are water white translucent, very soft, very strong and very “stretchy”. It will stretch many times its original size without tearing and will rebound to its original form without distortion.

Dragon Skin was originally developed for a large-scale animatronics application. Top Priority – the material had to withstand the opening and closing of the jaws many times (repetitive motion) without tearing or distorting.

What Is SMASH™? SMASH! Plastic is a two-component urethane that is mixed 1A: 1B by volume and cures to a water clear solid plastic designed to break like glass on impact. It Really Works! The Smooth-On lab did a tremendous balancing act, formulating this product not to be too fragile, but to certainly break on impact. It truly looks and sounds like breaking glass when smashed. Broken fragments look like broken glass.

SMASH!™ can be cast solid (for making window panes) or rotationally cast (for making bottles, drinking glasses, etc.) in thicknesses NO GREATER THAN 1/8” (.32 cm). If using this product for smashing over someone’s head, make sure you observe this thickness limitation or someone could be injured.

If casting solid, vacuum degassing or pressure casting are recommended to help eliminate air voids. If rotocasting, finished castings will look like frosted glass. If you want clarity in a bottle casting, better to build a core mold and cast with a 1/8” wall thickness.

S2SMASH! can be pigmented to look like a beer bottle or other color shade using SO-Strong™ tints.

SMASH!™ was initially developed to be used in combination with our Rubber Glass (right), a flexible silicone rubber which simulates broken glass, ice and diamonds, giving end-users tremendous flexibility.