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Silicone Based Release

Camie 980 is a very good general purpose release for rigid & flexible urethanes, epoxies, polyesters, TPR and other thermosetting resins. Camie 980 gives a shiny finish and is not paintable.

Camie 980 Aerosol Spray

Smooth-On Universal Mold Release was formulated especially for mold making and casting, and works well with most liquid plastic products. It easily releases a variety of casting materials from cured rubber molds. Properly used, UMR improves molding efficiency for a variety of casting applications and will actually lengthen the like of your production mold. Universal Mold Release will give a gloss finish, and is not paintable.

Mann 200 is a general purpose silicone and resin release agent for polyester, epoxy, silicone and urethane foam. Gives a satin finish, and is cleanable.y

Mann 2910 is a heavy duty version of Mann 2251 for more complex molds. Gives a glossy finish, and is not paintable.

Non-Silicone Based Release

Polyester Parfilm is a very good release agent for polyester , polyurethane resin systems., and fiberglass reinforced polyester resins: It is a self-polymerizing, non-greasy, non-oily parting film which adheres preferentially to the mold surface. Its film-forming ability inhibits the migration of the monomer catalyst, impedes the degradation of the mold and yields longer life. It is a paintable release

Epoxy Parfilm is a highly effective ultra-thin forming release agent. It is non-melting and will not carbonize. This makesit ideal for exothermic or oven cures. Epoxy Parfilm offers a better release than polyvinyl alcohol or wax. Its ultra-thin film maintains the fidelity of the cast piece and affords a better surface reproduction and finish. It is a paintable release.

In & Out is a water based release for concrete castings. Works on urethane, silicone, wood, steel, or plastic, and helps to extend the life of your mold. It will not stain or soften concrete surfaces, and helps keep your forms clean from build up. In & Out is also environmentally compliant.

Mann 1700 is a non-silicone release for rigid and flexible urethane foamed parts. Gives a matte finish that can be painted.

Wax Based Releases

Mann 2831 is a wax blend release for urethane casting. Effective on plaster as a sealer-release, and other porous surfaces. Will give you a flat to dull finish, and is paintable. Used for foam urethane.

Sonite Seal Releases a soft waxy solid intended for use as a release agent on porous and nonporous surfaces. It can be wiped on or cut with solvent for brush or spray application. When properly applied SSR can be used for the release of epoxy, polyester, urethane (rigid or flexible) and other polymers from various substrates. It will give a shiny finish, and is paintable with solvent clean up.

Soap Based Sealers

Smooth-On U-10 Mold Soap is used to seal a variety of porous materials (plaster, cement, stone, wood, and some modeling clays) before making rubber molds. Unlike paste wax or shellac, U-10 Soap will not interfere with or diminish surface detail. After use, it can be washed of the surface with water leaving the piece unaffected. Leaves a matte finish.

Mann 2310 is a soap based sealer/release that will give you a flat finish. Works with foamed urethane, and is cleanable.