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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I successfully make a crystal clear casting? Answer

What are the surface wrinkles of my crystal clear polyester casting and how do I buff them out? Answer

What is the difference between crystal clear urethanes and crystal clear polyester casting resins? Answer

What is the easiest way to cold cast metal parts? Answer

My plastic parts seem week and brittle. Can I do anything to strengthen them? Answer

What if want to cast PARTS out of silicone? Answer

What is the best mold making material for casting polyester or building fiberglass parts? Answer


What is the shelf-life of liquid silicones and how long will my silicone mold last once it has been poured? Answer

What is the easiest way to replicate parts of the body? Answer

Should I make a brush-on rubber mold or a solid rubber mold? Answer

I’ve decided to make a brush on mold, should I use latex or urethane? Answer