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Strengthening of Plastic Parts

Some appplications require an extremely strong plastic with a thin cross-sectional dimension, sometimes as thin as 1/4″. In these cases, relying only on the inherent strength of the urethane or other plastic resin system will not be sufficient.

Use of chopped Glass fibers, called chopped strand in combination with fillite or microballoons gives the strength needed in thin sections. The chopped strand dramatically increases the strength, but used alone, the fibers float to the top of the resin. By adding fillite (grey powder) or microballoons (white powder), the resin system will be thickened (increase in viscosity) and the fibers will be distributed evenly throughout the system.

Plastic castings 1/4″ thick that are easily snapped with hands can be strengthened with chopped strand and fillite or microballoons to the point where they are practically unbreakable!