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Art Clay

Art Clay is a non sulfur , ordorless oil based clay that will not dry out or harden. At room temperature it is hand pliable. Its smooth consistency is ideal for 3-dimensional art, caulking of mold boxed, taxidermy and product development modeling. Art Clay will not inhibit the cure of silicone or urethane mold rubbers.


Standard packing is 1 lb block cello wrapped. Case Pack is 50 lbs.

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Chavant Sculpting Clay

NSP (Non Sulphurated Plasteline)

NSP is a complete line of professional, sulphur free sculpting clays. Available in soft, medium and hard: Green or Brown. None of these clays will inhibit the cure of molding rubbers.

Le Beau Touche

Le Beau Touche is a sulphur free, extremely smooth plasteline. Often characterized as having the feel of a water based clay, this product is manufactured using only premium ingredients. Has a very smooth feel.

Industrial Styling Clays

Hard Styling Clays are manufactured in several formulations to suit exacting requirements of the auto industry and product designers. All formulations can be carved, extruded and slicked to an extremely accurate, glass-like finish. The clays join easily, will not show seams, will not crack, hold fine detail, can be shellacked, painted, reused and molds can be taken from the surface.

Stocked In:

NSP Soft (Brown)
NSP Medium (Green)
NSP Hard (Green)
Le Beau (Brown)
Le Beau HM (Green)

PACKAGING: Standard packing is cello wrapped 2 lb block. Clay weights approimately 90 lbs/cu. ft.

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Available by special order:

Hard Styling Clays:

CM 50 MEDIUM (Dark Brown)
Type J Hard (Light Brown)

DeAired Hard:

Extremely Hard same as Hard Styling Clays except entrapped air is removed. Very Dense.