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Liquid Plastic
You Need Fast Cycle Time? Low Viscosity? Ultra-Thin Super Strong Casts? Machinability? Get acquainted with our wide range of castable urethanes (rigid / semi-rigid) and epoxies for making prototypes, models, rigid molds, limited run production parts, etc. Each product has its own unique properties and characteristics.

Liquid Rubber
Mold Making Silicones, Urethanes and Polysulfides for reproducing the finest detail - down to a fingerprint. Available for pouring or brushing on to vertical surfaces. Hardness ranges from softer than skin to harder than a car tire. Also good for making rubber positive castings and production parts. Can be pigmented, filled, textured, softened, bonded to metal, etc.

PrototypingAnd The Right Release Agent....
What kind of surface finish do you need - matte, semi-gloss or gloss? What is your mold surface? What are you casting? Mann Release Products give you precisely what you need to control key design variables and master the outcome.